Staffing Workers Comp: Risks of Company Hosted Events

Posted on: January 29, 2015 by NSMWorkComp

Staffing Workers Comp: Risks of Company Hosted Events

For many employers, hosting some type of company event seems like an ingenious way to boost employee morale and promote-team building. Events could include employee recognition ceremonies, holiday parties, or even creating a sports team.

This becomes tricky for the staffing industry; of course temporary employees should be encouraged to take part in employee sponsored events for the company they’re assigned to. However, what if they were to go to a sporting event and the temporary worker was injured when she or he participated? As they are an employee of the staffing agency and not the company, the staffing agency would be held liable.

Other than having temporary staff sign a waiver form for participating in such events, what can your clients employers do to limit the risks of not only their temporary workers but also their own employees if they decide to host an event? Below are some general suggestions provided by the Society for Human Resource Management.

  • Don’t host events on company property or during the company’s business hours.
  • Make sure there is an updated version of the company’s employee handbook, highlighting details about the policy on social events and athletic activities.
  • Implement a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment. At outside events, it can be easy for individuals to act much more casually than they would in the workplace, however they must adhere to any rules about harassment that are implemented while at work.

These are just a few great suggestions for your clients to follow when hosting outside events. NSM Insurance Group offers two exclusive Workers’ Compensation programs: Staffing Lines and AllComp Solutions. Our Staffing Lines program is designed for temporary and permanent placement, outplacement and executive recruiting firms. To learn more about our services, please contact us today at (855) 661-0627.

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